Our Services

There may be other services that your credit union needs.  Please contact us for any customized program requests.


Policy Development

NDBS will assist your credit union in the development of your policies and procedures including compliance and best practices.

Policy Development

Loan Consultation

Business loan types can vary from loan to loan. We are here to walk you through the appropriate process as it pertains to your specific needs.


Loan Review

Sometimes it is tough to make a decision on whether or not you wish to make a certain type of loan. We will conduct a loan preview for you and make a recommendation whether or not to move forward with that loan.


Loan Underwriting

Business loans are completely different from consumer loans. It is important to understand that the NCUA has specific rules and regulations in regards to credit unions making business loans. We are able to help your credit union fulfill that obligation.


Loan Servicing

It is just as important to have a business loan serviced properly as it is to have it underwritten. We have the ability to provide that service to credit unions.


Risk Monitoring

Once a loan is closed the work is not over. It is important to review annually the financial condition of your business members, as well as perform collateral inspections.


Loan Participation and Tracking

Sometimes that loan is just too big to hold in your own portfolio. We will assist your credit union in obtaining partners to participate in that loan. In addition, if NDBS is servicing those loans we will track interest and principle payments by credit union and the percentage invested.


Ongoing Regulatory Updates

It is important to keep up to date with regulatory changes as well as best practices in the field of commercial lending. As we become aware of these changes we will share these items with you.


Onsite Training

It can be difficult to send staff out of the office for training. We will come to your office to conduct training for your staff and board of directors on topic that are of importance to you.


Loan Resolution Workout

There are times when businesses fall on hard times and credit unions may need to get creative to help those members and at the same time protect the assets of the credit union. We are here to work with you and your members during their difficult time.



NDBS has qualified underwriters on staff to work with FAME and the SBA. Your credit union will need to be appointed as a qualified lender with one of these agencies in order to provide these types of loans and services to your members. NDBS can guide you through this application process and help you attain your approval.